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Get Ready for the Legendary Christmas All-Day Brunch 2022

Get Ready for the Legendary Christmas All-Day Brunch 2022
08 Nov 2022

Breezy afternoon, the sun shimmering on the Caribbean waters, food that satiates your soul and palate —add to that drink bubbles that amplify the pizzazz of the celebration.

How does that sound for a Christmas afternoon brunch idea?

Being one of the most highly revered restaurants in Cayman, Grand Old House ensures that your time in the restaurant is unforgettable by providing you with top-notch services and impeccable food and drinks.

Although the yearends make us a little melancholic, the festivities cheer us up and make us look forward to new beginnings with hope. Christmas celebration brings the feeling of joy and warmth, and we, with our best endeavors, make it the most memorable day!

Grand Old House is hosting a legendary All-Day Brunch on 25th December 2022. Expect to be wowed by the food preparation and premier wines, all specially curated for you and your loved ones.

Legendary All-Day Brunch - What is in for YOU!

We at Grand Old House go above and beyond to make “Brunching” an extraordinary and exquisite experience. We try to create visual magic with the immaculate and awe-inspiring presentation of food and drinks! 

Apart from indulging in a hearty meal while marveling at the expansive Caribbean sea view from our unique waterfront deck, you can also explore our extraordinary private dining rooms.

  • Sassicaia Room - A closed private dining room with gorgeous wine bottles adorning the interiors.
  • Jeroboam Room - If you are wondering what it would be like to dine among all your favorite wines, the Jeroboam Room is the right choice! 
  • Balthazar Room - Just as the Balthazar Bottle contains 12 liters, coincidentally, the tables in the Balthazar Room have a seating capacity of 12!
  • Wine Room - The famous Wine Room houses the most prestigious and award-winning wine collection. 
  • Colonial Room - Dine with a dose of extravaganza in the Colonial Room.
  • Plantation Room - For a memorable and enchanting experience, dine in an enclosed gazebo with a gorgeous view of the Caribbean sea.

The Exquisite Food Spread

For Christmas, we try to bring a tiny part of the entire world on your plate, demonstrating why Cayman is a culinary hotspot. 

Our chefs display a variety of live food stations for pasta and egg specialties, and you also get to discover Grand Old House specials.

Our Christmas Brunch menu boasts of Seafood Boat and hand-rolled sushi and sashimi. And, of course, our delicious home-baked loaves of bread.

Meat lovers, Behold the carvery station as it serves you the finest, juiciest cuts. And there are great meat-free curries, pasta, and exotic salads for our vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diners.

Get Ready For The Legendary Christmas All-Day Brunch 2022

Since it's a Christmas brunch, how can we not discuss dessert choices? Fresh, moist, and delicious cakes such as chocolate, vanilla, fruit, and not to forget tarts and cupcakes – and other sweet sensations created by our chefs. The cherry on top will be the dessert wines sourced from Italy, France, and California.

Get Ready For The Legendary Christmas All-Day Brunch 2022

Make Reservations

Christmas Brunch at Grand Old House is a spectacle you don’t want to miss. It is always booked up well in advance. Secure your table as early as possible. Call +1 341 949-9333 or email


Event: Legendary All-Day Christmas Brunch

Venue: Grand Old House

Date: Dec 25, 2022 

Timings: 11:00 AM-5:00 PM


  • All you can eat Food Only 100.00 CI$ plus 15 % gratuities
  • All you can eat Food and Prosecco 130.00 CI$, plus 15 % gratuities 
  • Kids prices 5 - 12 yrs 54.95 CI$ plus 15 % gratuities.