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Harpist Extraordinaire: among the many attractions in the Cayman Islands!

Harpist Extraordinaire: among the many attractions in the Cayman Islands!
26 Sep 2018

The waterfront restaurants in Grand Cayman offer you the Caribbean fine dining experience with exotic Cayman wine and great ambiance. The Cayman Islands has become a significant tourist attraction over the past years. This is due to its breathtaking sites, beautiful beaches and the wide range of cuisines the Islands offer. All of the restaurants in the Cayman Islands have something unique to offer. Grand Old House gives you a waterfront dining experience with exclusive menu options and soulful music.

For many years, Eugenio Leon has been performing as a harpist extraordinaire at the Grand Old House. Known as the Cayman Islands' King of Romance, he started playing harp from the tender age of eight. The purpose of calling Eugenio to perform at the Grand Old House was to provide the diners with a kind of music that they can enjoy while eating and that doesn't disturb their peace of mind. The renowned harpist has played his masterpieces at private ceremonies around the world like Turkey, Brazil and Argentina to name a few. The calm music that Eugenio exclusively produces is good to enjoy with a glass of wine. 

“Bring your spouse for a wonderful date night and indulge in the romanticism that Eugenio fills the air with!”

A perfect date has a few things – privacy, comfort, fantastic music and delectable food. Let Grand Old House make this date an unforgettable one. Dance to the melody that the harp produces. The harpist entertains the people on every table on Tuesdays and Saturdays after 6:00 pm. Reserve a table for you and your family. Your spouse and your kids are going to love it. Our dinner specials have veg and non-veg food options. Ranging from seafood to chicken to meat options we also have all veg salads, this makes our menu fit for each and every person in the family. Even your kids would not regret coming as we have a separate menu for kids.

Eugenio's music pieces are a delight to the ears and will make anyone want to stay for more. One simply cannot get enough of it! Order your favorite desserts after the main course because satisfying your sweet tooth will hurt no one. Just so you know, our menu also has coffee and espresso martinis. We also maintain a collection of vintage wine. Our wine cellar holds vintage wines going back to the nineteenth century. The Grand Old House has wine, Armagnac, liquor and after dinner drinks.

For anyone who has heard Eugenio before knows that listening to his work live will be a golden opportunity and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Why don’t you come and listen to his music live and then decide for yourself! Let us be your hosts, we will be waiting!