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How to Choose a Suitable Venue for a Gala Banquet in Cayman?

How to Choose a Suitable Venue for a Gala Banquet in Cayman?
23 Jun 2016

The Cayman Islands are one of the most alluring places in the Caribbean and are an ideal location for holding events such as gala banquets, fundraisers, and exotic dinners. Of the three islands Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, Grand Cayman is the most cosmopolitan and features many restaurants, bars, hotels, and other breathtaking venues that are perfect for hosting such an occasion.

Surely, hosting a gala banquet is no mean feat. Right from the choice of the venue and the choice of food to the ambience, décor, and table furnishings, every little detail is vital. With such an event in mind, you will need to plan on a grand scale. In addition, if many of your guests belong to the upper echelons of society, then the choice of the right venue becomes even more vital. 

The venue that you choose plays a major role in keeping your guests entertained throughout the entire occasion. Hence, it is important that you conduct a thorough research before you select the venue that is suited for the occasion. The following points will give you a brief idea:

Choose a comfortable and fashionable venue

Verify if the venue is capable of comfortably accommodating the maximum number of people that you plan to invite. Check the type of entertainment and the meals provided. What kind of cuisine do they provide? Are the capable of accommodating the kind of cuisine that you would like? Although there are many restaurants in Cayman, go for a restaurant that provides high quality and sustainable cuisine that include several varieties including American, Jamaican, Caribbean and Caymanian.

Prefer a trendy, stylish, and refined environment

Discover if the environment, ambience, and décor within is trendy, stylish and refined. Does it freely allow guests to interact socially with each other? In addition, is it possible to decorate the venue according to your choice? If it will take a bit of planning to match your needs, then carefully weigh the considerations that you are presented and choose a waterfront restaurant in Cayman, which is a hugely popular choice. Select an upmarket or cosmopolitan area in Grand Cayman, which can gel with the attitude and outlook of your guests. For example, you can select a venue in Seven Mile Beach, Camana Bay, or even South Sound.

Decorate the venue according to your desired theme

Have you considered a theme for your gala event? You might have various themes on mind such as nautical, rustic, medieval, Father’s Day, Christmas, or something else. So, once you have decided on your theme, it becomes easy to include the other elements such as decoration and dress code.

A Christmas Party Theme at a Cayman Restaurant

A Christmas Party Theme at a Cayman Restaurant

Many a waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman allows special themes on such days, so it is worth inquiring.

Better Kitchen and Catering facilities

Discover if the venue has a kitchen and catering facilities. It is much better if the venue has an in-house kitchen and catering facility since they would help you save costs. Remember that you are going in for a gala banquet or a dinner, so it is very important and vital that your guests are perfectly entertained. In case you cannot book a venue that has a kitchen and catering facilities, the at least go for a venue that has a lot of space and allows you to book an external vendor to provide the catering facilities. Some venues and restaurants in Grand Cayman also provide BBQ services, so ask if your venue provides it.

Are crew services included?

Do you need your own event team or does the venue provide crew that helps in the setup and even the clean up? These services are not always available, is it is advisable to check. Along with a gala banquet, an audiovisual system that helps you play music or videos for your guests is most welcome. Moreover, a DJ or live music for a gala banquet on a waterfront restaurant will be a classic addition to the event. However, live music is not permitted on Sundays in Cayman.


Finally, pay attention to details such as location, parking, and accessibility. Plan your gala banquet at a location that is easy to access. Check the parking venue at the location. Ensure that it is large enough and can accommodate your guests’ parking requirements. If you know anyone who has disabilities, will it be possible for him or her to access the location?