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How to Organize your Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands?

How to Organize your Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands?
19 Jul 2016

If you are choosing the Cayman Islands for your destination wedding then you are one among the growing number of couples who prefer to get married on a beautiful beach or a chosen resort here. Surely, an alternative to a wedding on a cruise ship surrounded by endless expanse of water is to wed in Cayman.

Easy marriage procedure

The Cayman Islands Government has made it very easy to get married in Cayman, as there is no waiting period for getting married here. You can arrive by cruise ship or fly to the Cayman Islands along with your beau to get married the same day. Many couples are worried if their Cayman wedding will be legal back home. Since the Cayman Islands is a British Commonwealth country, weddings in Cayman are legal for the world over. However, couples from most places in Europe, except the UK need an Apostille. If you are from the USA or Canada, you do not need an Apostille.

Special licence and marriage documents

The special marriage license is obtained from the Governor’s office. It is much easier for your wedding officiant to get it for you. Since you will be a visitor in Cayman, you will need documents like your passport, immigration card, or the ship’s boarding card. In case you have been married before, you will need your original divorce decree or your spouse’s death certificate. In the Cayman Islands, you will find a wedding officiant for nearly every denomination. The government licenses a wedding officiant in Cayman. You can also choose a civil registrar who will perform a non-denominational service.

Destinations and wedding venues

It is very easy to choose a location to get married in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands wedding venues are famous the world over. One of the most popular venues for weddings in Cayman is its beaches. Some beaches like the Seven Mile Beach are famed throughout the world. Due to Caymanian law, no wedding in the Cayman Islands can be performed behind locked doors. Additionally, you will need two witnesses who are aged 18 years or above. In case there are no witnesses, our wedding celebrant can provide the two witnesses.

A Picturesque wedding venue in the Cayman Islands

A Picturesque wedding venue in the Cayman Islands

Wedding Ceremony

Besides, your wedding planner will arrange for the necessary decorations and wedding related requirements such as wedding cake, champagne, photography, flowers and such. You can arrange a simple wedding ceremony, which will just include the special marriage license, the wedding ceremony and the wedding celebrant. Alternatively, you can even go for a gala banquet in Cayman according to your personal wishes!

A Beautiful Wedding Cake

A Beautiful Wedding Cake

Hiring a Wedding Planner?

You can opt for a wedding planner or plan to look into the wedding details yourself. However, since you will be travelling by cruise ship or flight to Cayman and will be busy with your wedding formalities, it is advisable to obtain a wedding planners expertise and assistance.

Thus, it is not essential to hire a wedding planner in Cayman, but hiring one will definitely work out in your favour. Since your wedding planner is experienced, he or she will be familiar with the nitty-gritty in Cayman. Besides knowing all the wedding vendors first-hand, they will help you get the best deals and save time, so that your day goes on a smooth note.

The point is that this is your big day and you need to relax while allow your wedding planner to handle all the details.

So, if you are going to be in Cayman for your big day, ensure that things go smoothly. Pack your documents carefully and be present here to be wed in romantic and picturesque Cayman. Here’s wishing you a happy married life!