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Jeanne's at Grand Old House

April 15th, 1970, the Grand Old House restaurant was born.

Bob and Jeanne Brenton, owner of the stately plantation house built in 1908 decided to open the restaurant, one of a kind, where character, history and elegance would be the backdrop of great food and sophisticated atmosphere.

Since then and after almost 50 uninterrupted years of service, the Grand Old house is still the most charming and beautiful restaurant on island, it’s where tradition lives and life is celebrated.

To honor this great achievement and thank the Brenton’s and Mrs Jeanne we have created an exclusive dining experience where elegance and fine dining meet again in the same place where it was first born here in Cayman.


Is an exclusive dining experience, situated in the most charming part of the Grand Old House, the main house, will serve limited, high end, haute cuisine menu, only on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, limited to no more than 30 guests, with, a la carte and tasting options available, the creation by Chef Thushara will combine fresh and high quality product with his artistic inclination.

The classic elegant location, the haute cuisine, a world class cellar and the gracious hospitality, will make for an experience to behold.

Only Indoor air conditioned seatings available, Elegant dress code (either jacket or long sleeves shirt are required for man) and reservation are a must.

Dates and menu will be published beforehand on our website and information are available by email to


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Unique menu will be published beforehand

Opening dates


Thursday, November 14th
Friday, November 15th


Thursday, November 21st
Friday, November 22nd

Saturday, November 23rd


Thursday, November 28th
Friday, November 29th
Saturday, November 30th

Friday December 27th
Saturday December 28th

Thursday, January 16th
Friday, January 17th
Saturday, January 18th

Thursday, January 30th
Friday, January 31st
Saturday, February 1st