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Spending a Week in Cayman Islands? Here’s what You can't miss Eating!

Spending a Week in Cayman Islands? Here’s what You can't miss Eating!
24 Oct 2017

The Cayman Islands is famous for marine life and beaches. Its famous for its warm-hearted people. Do you know it is also famous for some great Caribbean food? There are some great restaurants in Cayman which offer some of the most enjoyable food you would ever eat. And they are situated at locations which will enhance the taste. An ambience which will boost your appetite. All this will add to your joy of Cayman visit.

Here is a list of some of the finest food preparations you can enjoy in the Cayman Islands

# Seafood

Try seafood curry with lobsters shrimps and mussels with mango chutney, papadam and more or try more exotic seafood madly with pan grilled squid, jumbo lobster and baby octopus. Combine it with waterfront fine dining experience and you are on the top of the world.

(1) Lobsters: Lobsters are fun, lobsters are nutritious, lobsters are tasty. Try the Lobster Spaghetti with garlic, onions, parsley, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, chili flakes and more. Your tastebuds will be thankful to you and you will have to exercise less in the gym. Or simply try lobsters pan fried with sour cream potato gratin and more.

(2) Shrimps: Shrimps are good generally, better in the Cayman Islands and best while eaten at Seven Mile beach. Think of chilled baby shrimp cocktail with mango salsa and cocktail sauce as an appetizer. Try Advacado and shrimp which have a lot of local micro greens.

(3) Crabs: Try wild lump crab timbale, with mango, scallion, mushroom and red pepper. You will cherish this taste for long.


If you like beef, try beef short ribs and scallops as a starter. For the main course there is Taurnedos of Roussini with beef fillets or Chateaubriand which you will love.


Local Wahoo is the fish to look for in Cayman. Try Panco crusted local wahoo. Wahoo with bacon and shrimp is another option. Tuna carpacico is tuna with crisp jalapeno, pickled onions and lemon dressing.

#Goat meat

Try Duo of Lamb. Lamb leg with fried sprouts, golden and yellow beets and more. The unique taste of lamb mixed with the aroma of some fine herbs make it a great combination.  


There are plenty of salads to choose from. Eggplant and goat cheese salad and baby beet salad to name a few. Watermelon and raspberry are in ingredients of many recipes.


There are other preparations containing chicken and other ingredients which make the choice wide.


#Cakes and desserts

Cheesecake, with passion fruit, strawberry and chantilly cream is a delicacy which all fruit lovers will like. For kids and young by heart there is Banana sticky toffee pudding, with cinnamon ice cream and chantilly cream.   

The ambience is equally important. Waterfront dining is a preferred choice for visitors. The experience is unique and cannot be described in words. Dining in waterfront will boost your appetite and will make you happier after Caribbean fine dining.  Happy dining!