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The Cayman Sky Clears for Rebecca and Jason

day Thursday
Date Dec 24, 2009

You would not believe how quickly the clouds parted to make way for an outstanding sunset for Rebecca and Jason. shown best in last photo below.

Most of these photos are in black and white at the couple's request. I supplied them an additional file of ALL THEIR PHOTOS converted to black and white. They can select either colour or black and white for their albums.

The first photo of the rings (the real close up) is a fancy new lens (Nikon F2.8 macro 105mm) that I got as an early Christmas present from Santa. I sent Santa a text a couple of weeks ago with the special request - I knew Santa had texting facilities.... he's SANTA!

You can see in that first macro shot that Rebecca and Jason had their initials engraved on the inside of the rings. With this new lens I can get such a wide variety of details. I love it!! Thank you Santa!! :)

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