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Grand Old House Blogs

26 Aug 2021

Why Eating Crab Is So Good for You?

As a source of dietary protein and minerals, crab meat is hard to beat. It’s even said that crab could be more beneficial to...

17 Aug 2021

Winning Her Over: A Romantic Cabana Dinner at Grand Old House

For a truly memorable evening, Grand Old House will prepare your very own private beach cabana, where you are served an intimate...

16 Jul 2021

Five Excellent Alcohol Pairings for Smoked Salmon

Look for pairings that combine and contrast the crispness and sophistication of a favorite tipple with the delicate simplicity...

29 Jun 2021

Explore These 5 Local Seafood Specialities of the Cayman Islands

Visitors can get an authentic taste of the Caribbean at Grand Old House, home of fine dining in the Cayman Islands

28 May 2021

Celebrating the Famous Queen Conch of the Cayman Islands

While just about everyone instantly recognizes the queen conch’s ‘beach trumpet’ shell, far fewer people are familiar with...

27 May 2021

An Unforgettable Father’s Day Celebration at Grand Old House

We know the description above falls short of delineating a father, and no number of words can begin to express

24 Feb 2021

Why You Should Choose Grand Old House for Your Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The food, the setting, the service, and the grandeur of a bygone age make Grand Old House the perfect venue for a romantic anniversary...

23 Feb 2021

Grand Old House: A Legend of the Islands

For more than half a century, Grand Cayman’s most famous restaurant has delighted diners as a spectacular venue with excellent...

17 Feb 2021

Eat, Enjoy, Relax: Fine Waterfront Dining in the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman’s venerable Grand Old House has been the undisputed leader of outdoor dining in the Cayman Islands for more than...

16 Feb 2021

Exclusive and Premium wines for All Occasions at Grand Old House

With an unsurpassed collection of more than 2,000 fine wines from all over the world, Grand Old House is the best place in the...

27 Nov 2020

Celebrate New Year's Eve on the Waterfront at Grand Old House!

Get ready to celebrate new year's eve at Grand Old House in Casino Royale theme, backed with the thrills of Monte Carlo, popular...

30 Sep 2020

Why Nino's is the Best Wine Bar in the Cayman Islands

At Nino’s you get to learn about different wines, sample them, then decide which to take home with you – all from Grand Old...

29 Sep 2020

The Legend Returns: The 2020 Grand Old House Christmas Brunch

Christmas is fast approaching, and despite the unprecedented troubles we’ve all experienced this year, the 2020 annual Christmas...

13 Aug 2020

Sparkling Saturdays at Grand Old House

With Nino’s Wine Bar & Dine and Dish concepts, aficionados can taste more than 500 different wines and enjoy unique courses...

03 Jul 2020

An Extraordinary Alfresco Experience

For the perfect alfresco dining experience it’s hard to beat Grand Old House, the doyenne of Grand Cayman

25 Jun 2020

10 Whiskies You Should Try Before You’re 30

Whisky, or whiskey, is a grown-up drink. It takes time to learn and appreciate the subtleties of the grain

28 May 2020

‘Support Each Other’: An Initiative to Spread Health and Happiness

Grand Old House and The Wharf launched an initiative to support tourism workers stranded in the Cayman Islands and struggling

21 Apr 2020

Musings from the Grand Old House Menu

Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange profoundly shaped both world history and diets in every port of call – including...