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Grand Old House Blogs

13 Aug 2020

Sparkling Saturdays at Grand Old House

With Nino’s Wine Bar & Dine and Dish concepts, aficionados can taste more than 500 different wines and enjoy unique courses...

03 Jul 2020

An Extraordinary Alfresco Experience

For the perfect alfresco dining experience it’s hard to beat Grand Old House, the doyenne of Grand Cayman

25 Jun 2020

10 Whiskies You Should Try Before You’re 30

Whisky, or whiskey, is a grown-up drink. It takes time to learn and appreciate the subtleties of the grain

28 May 2020

‘Support Each Other’: An Initiative to Spread Health and Happiness

Grand Old House and The Wharf launched an initiative to support tourism workers stranded in the Cayman Islands and struggling

21 Apr 2020

Musings from the Grand Old House Menu

Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange profoundly shaped both world history and diets in every port of call – including...

06 Apr 2020

Immune-Boosting, Vitamin-Rich Foods to Fight COVID-19

People with low immunity are more exposed to COVID-19

13 Mar 2020

Easter Brunch 2020 at Grand Old House

The grandé dame of Cayman Islands fine dining is pulling out all the stops for its 50th anniversary Easter brunch.

21 Feb 2020

Top Five Traditional Seafood Cuisine of Cayman You Must Try

Cayman Islands cuisine makes the most of the bountiful fruits of the Caribbean sea while giving everything a unique Caymanian...

05 Feb 2020

Jeanne’s at Grand Old House: Uniquely and Exclusively Cayman

Jeanne’s at Grand Old House previews sumptuous dishes prepared with the best local ingredients as it gears up

03 Feb 2020

The Best After-Dinner Drinks Collection for Whisk(e)y Lovers

Whether it’s scotch, Irish or bourbon, the way to the heart can be found on the after-dinner drinks menu at Grand Cayman’s...

23 Jan 2020

Waterfront Eating and the Fondest Memories of the Cayman Islands

The waterfront dining experience at Grand Old House is the stuff that Cayman Islands memories are made of.

04 Dec 2019

Honoring Excellence in Wine-making - World's Best Wine List Awards 2019

Establishments awarded globally total: 514 three-star wine lists; 407 two-star wine lists; and 106 one-star wine lists

25 Oct 2019

Savor Spectacular Wines in the Cayman Islands

Sample some of the world's rare and vintage wines in beautiful surroundings at the premier Cayman Islands restaurant - Grand Old...

14 Oct 2019

Harpist Extraordinaire - Offering a Musical Touch to Your Dining

Enjoy a romantic dinner and colonial charm under the stars at Grand Old House with “Harpist Extraordinaire” Eugenio Leon,...

10 Sep 2019

Grand Old House Wine Room: Join The Tasting Experience

Explore the finest wines available in the Cayman Islands with a wine tasting in the sumptuous surroundings of our dedicated wine...

27 Aug 2019

Grand Cayman Fine Dining At The Grand Old House

The grande dame of Grand Cayman continues to set the standard for spectacular cuisine and ambiance.

26 Jun 2019

Wine Spectator Nominated Grand Old House Among Few Others To Be The Best Restaurant In The Caribbean

Dreaming of your next getaway? No vacation is complete without great food and wine.

20 May 2019

Celebrate with Cayman Islands Cuisine at Our Waterfront Restaurant in Grand Cayman

Savor the local cuisine of the Cayman Islands in a variety of flavors at Grand Old House