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5 Health Benefits of Brandy that Make it a Delightful Drink

5 Health Benefits of Brandy that Make it a Delightful Drink
26 Feb 2018

Not every drink you consume is bad for health. Meet the drink that serves as a medication for various health problems - Brandy. It not only tastes good but also keeps you away from certain ailments. It comes in a variety of flavours like bold, bright, subtle, or warming and the Cayman wine shops have a venerable reputation for offering them all. Each kind has its own nuances.

What is Brandy?

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage said to be originated in Spain by the vintners in the 15th or 16th century. It is generally considered as a late evening or an after-dinner drink and is prepared from a fruit-based mash. It remains a premium choice for those looking to revel in high-quality alcohol, as it comprises 30-60% of alcohol by volume.

The term Brandy is the shorter version of the Dutch word ‘Brandewijn’ which simply refers to ‘burnt wine’. This distilled alcohol is aged in oak barrels from where it gets its amber colour and notes of caramel and spice. There are many types of brandy, of which two major ones are Cognac and Armagnac wine in the Cayman Islands.

So should one drink Brandy or not? Before you jump to the conclusion, read below its manifold benefits.

5 Health Benefits of Brandy

While many think that alcohol is harmful, scientists have identified a number of potential health benefits of brandy. Some of which are listed below:

  • Boosts Immune System

Suffering from cold or flu? Take a shot of brandy and wait for it to work magic. Brandy has antibacterial components and its high proportion of alcohol helps to get rid of the cold, throat pain and coughing in no time. The perfect pairing of its warming nature and relaxing quality made it a trusted source to boost the immune system for hundreds of years.

Health Benefits of Brandy

Health Benefits of Brandy

  • Sleeping Aid

There is a reason why brandy is often denominated as an after-dinner drink. Because of the soothing and relaxing qualities, it induces a person to a sound sleep. If you have a problem sleeping at night, you might want to try sipping on brandy. Make sure you don’t drink it just before you are preparing to sleep.

  • Reduces Weight & Cholesterol Level

Concerned about your weight or have high cholesterol? Brandy is made for you. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, brandy contains no carbs and is low in cholesterol. This allows it to keep your weight controlled. It can also be used as an aperitif. Thanks to its antioxidant compounds which enables it to remove the bad cholesterol from the arteries and make way for good. So, enjoy your waterfront fine dining alongside the best brandy without worrying about your weight and cholesterol.

  • Anti-ageing Properties

Why try those expensive treatments, when you can simply enjoy your drink and prevent the premature ageing symptoms? You read it right! Brandy contains antioxidant compounds which eliminate or neutralize the effect of free radicals, which mutate the healthy cells in our body. This prevents wrinkles on the skin, poor vision, cognitive issues and other ageing symptoms.

  • Alleviates Inflammation in Arteries

The polyphenolic compounds present in brandy helps to reduce inflammation in the arteries. It also lowers the blood pressure and prevents other cardiovascular problems. So, sip on your brandy guilt-free, sitting in an amazing restaurant in Grand Cayman.

Next time when someone says - ‘Drinking is bad for health’, make sure you educate the person about various health benefits of brandy. The Cayman Islands is indisputably a haven for liquor connoisseurs. Visit us and we will make sure you taste the best liquor and have a pleasant time.