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5 Stunning Cakes for Special Occasions in Cayman to Impress Your Guests

5 Stunning Cakes for Special Occasions in Cayman to Impress Your Guests
19 Apr 2018

The life events you celebrate - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement - deserve special attention, so why not make them extraordinary? Cakes are typically part of these special events, and so the cakes should be special too! A cake can be - and often is - the centerpiece at the celebration of your special day, particularly your wedding. For a destination event, such as a Cayman wedding, our restaurant in Cayman can design a unique, artful and luxuriously beautiful cake just the way you pictured it.

The chefs at our waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman are masters in the art of cake decorating and designing and create cakes for several occasions.

Below are 5 stunning cake designs that will leave your guests in awe. If you would prefer a different cake, just email us a detailed photo of the cake you would like.

  • 5-Foot Layer Cake

5-Foot Layer Cake

This tall cake is ideal for a large reception and can also be customized for a smaller group. The cake features minute, intricate details and is embellished with flowers at the top. The finishing touches can be changed to suit your preferences.

  • Beach-themed Wedding Cake

Beach-themed Wedding Cake

Cayman weddings are popular, whether on the white sand beach with a tropical sunset as background, or inside a gorgeous waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman. This beach-themed cake is studded with seashells, seahorses and starfish in a creative design. Make your wedding a royal affair in the Cayman Islands with attractive decor and a customized cake from our professional chefs.

  • Orange Floral Delight

Orange Floral Delight

Simplicity at its best! This elegant cake is suitable for any special occasion, and the flowers can be changed to match the theme - such as red flowers for Valentine’s Day, red and green for a Christmas wedding, silvery white for a New Year’s event, or your color of choice for a birthday celebration.

  • White and Pink Treat

White and Pink Treat

A pure delight in white and pastel pink, this delicate-looking cake appears to be perfect for a princess or for a springtime Cayman wedding. It is just one example of custom cakes prepared by chefs at our waterfront restaurant in Cayman. We can replicate this cake, or make one from the design of your choosing.

  • Textured Rose Cake

Textured Rose Cake

One of the most beautiful cakes can be one of the smallest. There is nothing “simple” about this elegantly topped cake with exquisite floral design. It’s a cake fit for almost any special occasion, particularly if you want to make your wedding a royal affair in the Cayman Islands.

Let the chefs at our waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman design or customize a cake for your special day. Take a look at samples of our Cayman wedding cakes, and contact us or visit our waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman to see why we are among the top restaurants in Cayman.