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A Premier & Waterfront Venue for Your Corporate Events

A Premier & Waterfront Venue for Your Corporate Events
02 Dec 2022

A healthy, comfortable, and entertaining work culture is what attracts employees. And there are a few ways to elevate this culture, one of them being hosting events and parties to celebrate the success with your team. 

At Cayman’s premier waterfront venue for corporate events, we offer mouthwatering delicacies, great services, and spectacular views that will impress your guests. 

Whether you are organizing a grand corporate meeting, office party, or celebratory dinner, the plantation-era setting of Grand Old House, with its sophisticated 5000 square feet waterfront deck, can comfortably seat your employees. 

We are delighted to plan your special corporate event. Besides the gorgeous waterfront deck, we have a lot more to offer. Let's give you a glimpse of our world-class services. 

Grand Old House - Making Your Corporate Event a Grand Success 

We are a full-service event venue, furnishing a wide array of arrangements, i.e., transportation, decoration, entertainment, cinematography, AV, fireworks, extra tent set up, and more. You need not worry about handling the job alone— a full-time event coordinator will be appointed to make your event flawless. 

A Premier & Waterfront Venue for Your Corporate Events

No event is complete without locally inspired food & classic wine. Being one of the finest Grand Cayman restaurants, we serve authentic and fresh seafood paired with the largest selection of vintage wines. Moreover, each option is customizable based on the individual's preference - white, red, grape variety, country, or region. There is everything for everyone

The dinner and wine tasting are coordinated by our team of award-winning sous chefs and experienced service staff in the seated style in your reserved private room. To end your meal on a sweet note, you will be delighted with our swoon-worthy desserts like blueberry panna cotta, red velvet cake, and banana sticky toffee pudding. 

The team of Grand Old House always believes in providing you with the best, and we are also prepared with the exigencies. For instance, we offer a 2000 square feet existing tent, which can seat up to 200 people so that the fun never stops!

A Premier & Waterfront Venue for Your Corporate Events 3

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With the end of 2022 in sight, the holiday season calls for celebrations and to make employees feel appreciated for all the hard work they've put out throughout the year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve a table, bring your team together, and make their occasion magical. 

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