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An Evening of Rare Vinyl & Art at Grand Old House

An Evening of Rare Vinyl & Art at Grand Old House
24 Jan 2023

When we talk about the classic amalgamation of beauty and the gastronomical rollercoaster, Grand Old House surpasses all other venues.

The fine dining restaurant offers a variety of international dishes with Caribbean flair, embracing the farm-to-table trend that has become famous in Caribbean fine dining. There’s something for everyone, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. On top of that, you have the most luxurious seating options surrounded by mystical water waves & impeccable service. 

Synopsis of Events

Grand Old House is also famous for organizing spectacular events such as Christmas Brunch, New Year specials, Wine tasting fests, charity events, musical nights, and more. One such event is happening soon – vinyl nights featuring art by Dready and Carlos V Garcia on February 10th, 2023.

Listening to music on a phone, car, or television is the way to unclutter your mind. However, only a real music fan would understand the bliss of listening to live music on vinyl nights!

Oceanfront Views & Stunning Evening of Rare Vinyl & Art

Vinyl nights were established by the South Sound collective of wax collectors, audiophiles, and music lovers who were tired of questionable sound systems and the same type of music played across the islands. 

Vintage is reflected in every nook and corner of Grand Old House, from our thoughtful collection of liquor to our incredible wines and cigars. 

We’re overjoyed to share our meticulous assortment of 2400 varieties with our 25000 bottles from around the world stored in our aesthetic & spacious wine room.

We believe music combined with the best food in the Cayman Islands —authentic flavors & panoramic views of the Caribbean sea can bring people together and build communities. There are few mediums that are capable of transcending differences, like good music. 

Relish soul-soothing music, mouth-watering dishes & endless laughter with your loved ones. Only drinks & no siders? Now, you can enjoy classic cocktails & tapas all night. Grand Old House’s chefs have created an elaborate menu consisting of delicious varieties of tapas that will serve as a perfect accompaniment to these outstanding beverages.

Hop to this magnificent event, an exploratory musical journey with the finest vintages & sophisticated island charm. 

For inquiries, email us at or call us at +1 345 949 9333