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Armagnac - Its Fascinating History & Several Health Benefits

Armagnac - Its Fascinating History & Several Health Benefits
10 Nov 2017

There are two type of wine brandies made in France. The Armagnac and the Cognac. The difference between them is clear. While Armagnac is distilled only once and has much longer maturation time, Cognac is always double distilled. Armagnac production started at least 200 years before Cognac. Armagnac is produced in Gascony region in the France and is stored in oak casks for 2, 6, 10 or more years. Oakwood plays an important role in imparting flavor and color to this wine. While Cognac is produced in large distilleries, Armagnac is produced by small groups. Distillation is done at 58 - 60 degrees and reduction is done naturally in the oak casks. Oak casks add tannin to the Armagnac. The ageing is done in the cellars and humidity is maintained naturally there. 

Here are some facts about Armagnac right from Horse’s mouth

"Armagnac is not a bar drink," said Pierre Tabarin, president of the Armagnac producers' association. 

"This is a spirit for connoisseurs, for gourmets attached to the traditional values of French gastronomy."

You can enjoy anything with Armagnac. It goes well with most seafood, fishes and local Cayman food. More so in the great Cayman weather.

And what can be a better place to drink Armagnac than the Cayman Islands? With bright sunshine, sandy beaches and fun loving people, the taste of the wine is doubled. To this add the hospitality of the courteous staff and your joy is multiplied.

Where will you get the best Armagnac wine in Cayman? Well answer is simple. Where you can enjoy it most, at the Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman. You will get Armagnac as old as 1888, more than 128 years old. In fact it is one of the oldest Cayman wines. Do not be surprised, but you will get Armagnac which is at least aged for 27 years in the restaurants in the Cayman. They serve quality goods after all!

Castarede - The oldest of all Armagnac

Castarede - The oldest of all Armagnac

And if you want to enjoy the wine and dine at the waterfront restaurant, Armagnac is the good wine to choose, not just for its taste but also for its digestive properties. As it single distilled, it retains a lot of good things of wine juice. As it is aged for a number of years, impurities are automatically removed from it. With some great healthy mysterious ingredients added by the Oak wood during maturation, it becomes healthier. It is most healthy if you take it after dinner. You will digest your food easily and will get a good sleep.

What more you want than eating in a great restaurant in Grand Cayman some of the fine food in one of the great ambience and to help digest this food drink some of the oldest wines prepared with one of the oldest wine recipe? Produced in Southern France and consumed in Cayman, the Armagnac has life span almost too similar to that of the Cayman Turtles.