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Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Grand Old House Style: Delights By Waterside

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Grand Old House Style: Delights By Waterside
25 Oct 2023

New Year is a universally celebrated holiday where people from all walks of life gather and celebrate the eve in a different style.

While some are social butterflies who get high-spirited about dancing, drinking, and partying until the wee hours of the morning, others are homebodies who enjoy being alone or with a few friends & family, engaging in board games, watching favorite sitcoms, relishing comfort meals, and watching new year celebrations. And then there are a few people who beam with enthusiasm to organize the New Year’s celebration and surprise their loved ones. 

As New Year approaches, it’s natural to trace back the traditional customs of celebration, but what if you get to celebrate the most awaited evening of the year with a unique flair while persevering the cherished elements that make it special? 

Sounds interesting, right? This New Year, hop over to Grand Old House and witness the quintessential transition of this year to the next. 

A ‘Grand’ Old House Celebration Featuring New Year

A ‘Grand’ Old House Celebration Featuring New Year

Planning to usher in the new beginning with a grand party? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our Caribbean fine dining restaurant has elegant and contemporary venues for New Year celebrations. From a 5000 foot waterfront deck to 10 private air-conditioned rooms, our premier waterfront restaurant has the ideal spaces to suit diverse preferences. 

In addition to presenting spectacular venues, we offer an array of services, including transportation, decor, entertainment, photography/videography, AV, fireworks, drool-worthy international, and the Cayman Islands food, followed by vintages from around the world. 

Coming back to the celebration, our restaurant in Cayman is perfect for celebrating any off-site event, including New Year. Individuals eager about organizing and partying can reserve our oceanfront deck, which can comfortably seat up to 450 people. We can even provide our in-house event coordinator to customize the event. The professional can take care of the decorations, culinary delights, and everything you ask for. 

While we can assist you with an exclusive setup, it’s recommended that you have a comprehensive understanding of how you want to plan the New Year. To ease your efforts and facilitate your preparations, here are 4 tips for an unforgettable New Year's Eve. 

Choose A Unique Theme or Concept

Flipping old pages of life and starting a new chapter calls for choosing a unique theme. Pick a theme or color scheme that is extraordinary and cohesive. For instance, you can choose a “Great Gatsby” or “Masquerade Ball” as a theme and “Red, Green & White” as your color scheme, or you can be experimentative and blend all three to create an out-of-the-box concept. 

Since it is the festive season, ensure using balloons, streamers, fairy lights, and other decorative elements with groovy music to encourage the guests to shake a leg on the dance floor. 

Party Venue

Another vital aspect of planning any party is picking the right venue. 

Now, what is the right venue?

The right event venue should seamlessly accommodate your guests while offering the flexibility to customize the space with well-maintained restrooms, spacious parking, and other amenities. It should have a unique ambience with a variety of amazing food and beverage options. Last but not least, all this should fit within your budget. 

If you are looking for a venue similar to the above illustration and even better, consider checking out our restaurant in Cayman. Our waterfront deck features the most breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea you will ever see. This view looks even more beautiful during the nighttime when the moonlight casts its radiant glow on the gentle waves of the sea, turning them into a shimmering canvas of liquid diamonds. 

People with smaller groups or who desire an intimate dining experience can reserve our private dining spaces with different seating capacities and unique interiors flaunting the Colonial Era.

List of our private dining rooms - 
  • Melchior - 12 people seating capacity
  • Sassicaia - 8 people seating capacity
  • Jeroboam - 6 people seating capacity
  • Balthazar - 12 people seating capacity
  • Wine Room - 10 people seating capacity
  • Colonial - 70 people seating capacity
  • Gazebo - 30 people seating capacity
  • Grand Cabana - 10 people seating capacity

Individuals who want to spend quality time with their loved ones can reserve a table for two or more, and the rest you can leave up to us. 

Culinary Delights

Apart from theme and venue, the alpha and omega of your planning is food. Every guest eagerly awaits to savor the delicious fare, and tailoring the menu based on your guests’ preferences is always a fantastic way to satisfy the appetite and happiness. 

We understand that planning a menu catering to various taste buds can be confusing. Under such circumstances, you can customize the menu with a variety of appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages to suit everyone’s palate. Don’t forget to include wine and other alcoholic beverages for tipplers. 

Selecting a New Year’s Eve party menu to cater a delightful dining experience for your guests? Then the Grand Old House is at your disposal. We have an array of dishes presenting intercontinental and the Cayman Islands cuisine. From succulent farm-to-table dishes to freshly caught sea-to-table delights, we have everything you ask for. 

Our à la carte menu also features plenty of vegan dishes and desserts for health-conscious diners. For the drinks, we have classic Armagnac, refreshing cocktails, rare bourbons, limited edition liquors, and a premium selection of wine from around the world. 

Countdown & Midnight Celebration

Choose a designated area and adorn the space so you can welcome the guests as the clock strikes twelve. You can hand out party hats, noisemakers, and confetti cannons to greet the New Year with high spirits, love, and warmth. 

You can even arrange for a countdown clock or digital display, and not to forget, the fireworks. This is a terrific way to build anticipation among your guests, where they can actively participate in the countdown, echo their excitement, and be thankful for the moments they spent with their loved ones as they embark on 2024. 

Say Goodbye to 2023 & Embrace the New Year Wholeheartedly with Grand Old House

Say Goodbye to 2023 & Embrace the New Year Wholeheartedly with Grand Old House

Bidding farewell can be tough, especially when you have formed an attachment and created a treasure of memories. However, saying goodbye is necessary for closure, reflection on your experiences, and, above all, nurturing the hope that next year will be even more splendid. 

So why not say adieu in a different way this year? Grand Old House invites you to feast on delicious local and international flavors and celebrate the New Year with vibrant hues of laughter and memories. 

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