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Five Romantic Dinner Ideas for Couples Celebrating their Honeymoon in Cayman!

Five Romantic Dinner Ideas for Couples Celebrating their Honeymoon in Cayman!
14 Oct 2016

Now that you have married in the Cayman Islands, it’s time for your honeymoon! Since the Cayman Islands also double up as a perfect location for a honeymoon, you can easily stay over in Cayman after your wedding and enjoy each other’s company to your heart’s content.  And after sun down, why not enjoy a romantic dinner together at your favourite restaurant in Cayman! Let’s take a look at a few ideas as below:

1. Theme and candle light dinner: An intimate candlelight dinner in one of the restaurants in Cayman after sundown is indeed a time tested and grandiose manner of celebrating your honeymoon.  You can include a delicacy that your spouse likes, which you can keep it a secret until dinner time. This can be Continental, European, Spanish, Greek, French, Asian, seafood, or anything that helps you set a romantic mood for dinner.

2. Private Beach dinner: This is a truly romantic way of saying you love your spouse! Go for a private dinner on the beach right under the stars on a clear and impeccable night. Begin with a glass of champagne while the main course is served. Anyways, who cares about the food when the two of you matter in the silence of the night along with just the voices of just the two of you? Listen to the sound of the waves lapping softly against the seashore while you enjoy each other’s company. Relax, morning is still far away!

3. Intimate Boat Dinner: Find a boat that’s just right for the two of you and sail a bit away from the coastline. As the stars come alive in the sky and the night becomes filled with the grandeur of the heavens, bring out the dinner and the romance in you while you enjoy dinner together. On a calm night as the waves gently rock your boat in the sea, it’s a perfect occasion to reminisce the events that led to this perfect night. By Jove, it's gonna be a heavenly time!

A Romantic dinner is a perfect occasion to enjoy each other's company to your heart's content

A Romantic dinner is a perfect occasion to enjoy each other’s company to your heart’s content

4. Dinner with Live Music: If you or your spouse is light spirited or if both of you enjoy some live music and dance, having dinner together will surely cheer you up while the band plays. Just imagine your favourite romantic songs being played just for you while you begin your dinner together. While the music plays, why not hit the dance floor, if there is one, to shake a leg or too as well! This occasion also provides a brilliant setting for fine Caribbean dining in the Cayman Islands.

5. Sunset Dinner Cruise: If you fancy a cruise, then consider sailing a cruiser on a sunset dinner cruise to enjoy the stunning sunset in the western Cayman skies. Enjoy the food and the company of each other as you watch the sun go down. Relax on the deck while you watch the beautiful skyline. Let this romantic occasion become a memorable event for many years to come!

A Couple Enjoying a Sunset Dinner

A Couple Enjoying a Sunset Dinner

To conclude, the idea is to create a romantic atmosphere while taking care of even the smallest of things that could add to the ambiance and the mood. Try and make the dinner more special by adding more ideas and thoughts that could add excitement and zing to the evening. All the best!