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Getting Married on Christmas Day? Make sure you choose the best wedding planner!

Getting Married on Christmas Day? Make sure you choose the best  wedding planner!
10 Dec 2016

Choosing to get married on Christmas day

Around the world, Christmas means it’s time for sharing and closeness along with lots of excitement and family get-togethers. It’s also the time to reminisce the years gone by and share hope and anticipation for the year to come. Besides, it’s also the day when many couples plan their wedding. Christmas day weddings are becoming increasingly acceptable and quite popular.

Nothing better than organizing a Christmas wedding

Surely, there can be nothing better or than organizing your Cayman Islands destination wedding on Christmas day. Organizing your wedding on Christmas Day actually makes more sense logistically because many family members are already on holiday and back home, making it easier for them to be available for you when the wedding actually takes place. So, they can easily accompany you to the Cayman Islands for your wedding. Hence, rather than choosing a wedding on a cruise ship or opting for cruise ship weddings, getting married on Christmas day in Cayman is certainly a beautiful idea.

Why choose a wedding planner for your Christmas Wedding

It’s advisable to send out your wedding invitations well in advance – say 3-4 months before your get married. This will help your near and dear ones plan for their holiday and make it possible to attend the wedding too. The Christmas season can be really very busy and your family and friends can have several other engagements as well during this period. Hence, you may not find the time to plan your wedding the way you want to. Nevertheless, since Christmas is a very special time of the year, you can choose a Cayman wedding planner for your Christmas day wedding to ensure that your wedding smoothly sails through.

Since Christmas is going to be a super busy time, it could be really difficult to single out all the vendors yourself. For example, getting all the service providers like the photographer, florist, transport vendors, beauticians, bakers, and others in one place could prove to be nightmarish. What if some of the vendors face a worst case scenario and are unable to turn up? In this situation, it is best to leave the entire planning to a seasoned wedding planner.

Getting Married on Christmas

Getting Married on Christmas

The work of a wedding planner is not to take decisions on behalf of the bride or the client but to provide the necessary tools to make effective decisions. Today’ the days of cookie cutter weddings are fast dwindling. Many brides desire something unique be a venue, design, or the numerous intricate wedding details.

Wedding Planner and the Best Wedding planner - The Difference

Hence, if you really want to make your wedding special, it’s a great idea to hire the best wedding planner available. Many couples often do hire a wedding planner, but there’s a difference between a wedding planner and the best wedding planner. Hence, it may not be enough to have a catering manager or a support person to manage or supervise the event. This person might simply be incompetent to set up a wedding in case the wedding is to be held at a high-end location and the concerned individual simply does not have the resources to meet the expectations.

Hire the Best Wedding Planner

Hire the Best Wedding Planner

While checking the credentials of the wedding planner, it is essential to count the number of years or the number of successful weddings that your wedding planner has planned. Frankly speaking, an inexperienced planner will cost you time, effort, and money.

Summing up my thoughts

Surely, you cannot expect things to go wrong in front of all your near and dear ones on your Christmas wedding day. Ask for referrals from your planner and also check with the planner’s previous clients. Hence, leave all the stress aside on Christmas day and go for the bigger picture.  Make the wedding process enjoyable and save your efforts and money to enjoy the day.