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Grand Old House: The finest of Fine Dining in Cayman

Grand Old House: The finest of Fine Dining in Cayman
08 Jul 2022

You are sitting with your loved ones at a waterfront outdoor dining, sipping wine and enjoying delicious food. Sounds like the perfect evening, isn’t it? 

It certainly does; dining at Grand Old House is exactly how you have imagined it. It is more than eating. Dining here is us as a family putting up a show of unity, uniformity in our services, and uniqueness of the ambiance and local cuisine we serve to our customers. 

A century-old benchmark in the Cayman Islands known for delivering a time-worthy experience full of satisfaction, Grand Old House is evolving with time according to its customers’ preferences and has managed to carve a niche for itself in a sea of restaurants. 

What makes the Grand Old House the best?

Fine Dining

The freshest food ingredients ensure you get the taste that makes you revisit us. Caribbean fine dining has a different meaning when you feast with us. It is not about serving you food, it means serving our efforts to make your visit a memorable one.

We find you the right table with a view customized to your mood to make sure you make the most out of your occasion. A choice of vegetarian varieties and gluten-free food is available both for lunch and dinner.


Our wine collection beats all of the restaurants in Cayman and has been awarded the coveted “Best of Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator. The wine menu is designed with dedicated country sections with more than 25,000 bottles to incorporate wines from around the world. Whether you meet your date for the first time or get back together with your friends over drinks, our wine bar knows what complements your dining.


If you are looking to host a corporate event to attract future customers or a friendly team lunch to boost the morale of your colleagues, the best in-house staff is here to cater to your needs personally. The restaurant also provides the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth flow of your event. Spread over an area of 5,000-square-foot with a waterfront terrace, mesmerizing views and soothing music will always be by your side as you walk our premises. 

Grand Old House has played a significant role in setting up the tone of the hospitality industry in Grand Cayman. As the first taste of the Cayman Islands, we offer a perfect blend of past and future culinary techniques. At Grand Old House, amazing is what we aim for, and perfection is what we serve. To book a table, call +1 345 949 9333 or email