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Incorporating a Fundraiser with a Wine Tasting Event in the Cayman Islands

Incorporating a Fundraiser with a Wine Tasting Event in the Cayman Islands
09 Aug 2016

Holding a fundraiser in the Cayman Islands?

If you want to hold a fundraiser in the Cayman Islands for your NGO or for a social cause, then you would be probably worried about the costs that could be involved in hosting it. Also, as part of the fund raiser, you might need to decide upon the venue and even might need to sell an entry ticket.

You can easily consider various factors such as how much will it cost you to hold such an event, the money you expect to receive in donations, and the money you would probably raise from this event. These figures will allow you to come at how much you need to price your tickets and the number of tickets you will need to sell.

Running a fundraiser requires some of the best skills you have.  Besides generating income, you will need to raise awareness about your area of work.  For fundraising, you will need to dedicate your best marketing skills, put in the best resources, and even market the fund raiser effectively, and market the event effectively to the right target audience.

Why not couple it with a wine tasting event?

Nevertheless, you can hold a fundraiser in the Cayman Islands for your charity organization by coupling it with a wine tasting event as part of the main event.

Also, you will need to choose a venue that is practically accessible to all and has good parking facilities. You will also perhaps require sponsorship for it. If you provide a range of advantages and benefits, you perhaps will also receive sponsorship for the concerned event.

A Wine Room at a Waterfront Restaurant in Cayman Islands

A Wine Room at a Waterfront Restaurant in Cayman Islands

Choice of Venue

Now, when it comes to venues, you will perhaps choose one where it is also possible to hold your wine tasting event. You can go for a good resort, hotel, or waterfront restaurant in Cayman if for your wine tasting component. It’s not necessary to be a wine taster yourself, for you can always ask the restaurant or the venue to help. Additionally, a wine tasting event can range from casual to extremely formal, depending upon how you would link it to be.  Also, wine tasting can be done with small individual groups or you can invite a large group of guests to wine tasting as a more informal way of doing so.

At many restaurants in Cayman, you can easily hold your wine tasting event. Especially, Grand Cayman, which is the main island, has a brilliant choice of restaurants. Restaurants in Grand Cayman have wine tasting arrangements that can help you set up a wine tasting event quickly.

Wine tastings: Various options

A wine tasting incorporated into your fundraising event at your favourite waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman can also be in the form of Caribbean fine dining and formal dinner where different wines are served with each course.  It is easy to place information about each wine being served at the tables and the reason why they are being served.  You can even go with a casual style of serving wine at dinner, where the wine is placed at different tables across the venue. Guests move from table to table to sample the wine. With this alternative, you will need to ensure that the wine servers have adequate knowledge about the wine being served. Alternatively, you can go the traditional way in which a speaker gives a short talk on each wine being served and how to sample these.

Concluding thoughts

Besides holding a wine tasting event, you can ask the local restaurant if they are capable of donating some food. Also, see if you can find someone to sponsor the wine for you. Local wine stores can also participate in the wine tasting event. Pair the wine with other edibles such as cheese, chocolates, tapas and desserts, and others. See if you can hold other themes like a cultural dance or a fashion sale that can go along with the wine tasting.  Along with your fundraising team mates, you can easily come up with more ideas for a wine tasting event in the Cayman Islands.  Good Luck!