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Melodious Tunes on Vinyl: Revisit the 90s With Grand Old House

Melodious Tunes on Vinyl: Revisit the 90s With Grand Old House
12 Apr 2023

Music and art are beyond culture and entertainment. They are the guiding lights of the world, soul-soothing, & eye-pleasing for their admirers, and a form of expression for the creators. If you are equally passionate about such creatively expressive forms, head to Grand Old House today! 

On 21st April’23, our vintage restaurant is hosting a Vinyl Art Event in the Wine Bar, where you will be witnessing the most spectacular sights of our wonderfully talented artists.

The History: How Vinyl Art And Music Shaped The World?

What is vinyl? Vinyl is a plastic material often used in making music records and audio recordings. 

The Advent

The era of vinyl records started in the 19th century and stayed until the mid-20th century. Soon after, we witnessed the evolution of music, and people welcomed digital audio formats, such as CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, streaming devices, etc. 

The Comeback 

However, this was not the end. In 2008, the period of vinyl records was revived. Many audiophiles preferred to be free from digital music and gravitated towards collecting and embracing vinyl records as their personal vintage collection.

Today vinyl records have become quite prevalent to the extent that artists use vinyl material qualities as their medium to create visual art. This confluence of two creative fields can be observed in venues such as clubs, bars, and our premier waterfront restaurant in Cayman

The Rundown of Vintage and Rare Vinyl Night at Grand Old House

This Friday night will be one to remember. You will witness the greatest vinyl night of the year with a priceless collection of vintage wines and lip-smacking food in the Cayman Islands

Vinyl nights will always remain incomplete without visual art and live music in Cayman. We are delighted to share that we will be exhibiting the most vibrant and profound painting of Carlos V Garcia, an extremely talented artist of Cayman. So, if you missed the chance to capture a glimpse of this beauty, it’s your time to catch the sight and embrace it. 

Creative Inspiration of the Artist

Upon capturing the first glimpse of the portrait, you will notice that the art is the amalgamation of creative empathy towards a well-known vocalist and vinyl records. 

Creative Inspiration of the Artist

The portrait was inspired by Diana Ross, a renowned American singer and actress, and vinyl records. Ross was the lead singer of the vocal group called Supremes in the 1960s. During that period, Numerous vinyl records were used to release many of her group recordings and singles. In the 1970s, she bid farewell to Supremes and commenced her musical career as a solo artist. She even featured in films, on television, and on stage and became the leading female artist in the history of the entertainment industry. 

From the ’60s till today, she experienced a rollercoaster ride in her career. From vinyl records to digital music production, she witnessed it all. However, her work remained a testament to time, so much so that in July 2020, all of her “Supertronic Mixes” were released on CD and crystal-clear vinyl LP.

Her truly remarkable and admirable journey can be perceived through the portrait. It’s vibrant, memorable, and iconic. 

Coming back to our synopsis. The vinyl nights will feature the hottest tunes from famous artists. Cayman’s very own Jerry will play the original vinyl record. So, get ready for an immersive experience and nostalgic feel of the records. 

Wait up! The night doesn’t end here. Throughout your period, we will cater to you with refreshing and chilled cocktails, delicious Tapas (appetizers), and of course, our classic varieties of wine from different regions of the world. 

The vinyl event is at the wine bar in Grand Cayman, which starts at 6 and ends at 10. Do you know what’s more exciting? The entry is absolutely free! Be a part of this sensational event by bringing your melophile friends and partner. 

Don’t forget to gorge your appetite with delicious international and local delicacies after the event. Our restaurant is known for its impeccable services and serving the best food in the Cayman Islands. Our menu consists of a variety of appetizers, food, cocktails, wines, and desserts. 

We offer seaside veranda seating for leisurely lunch and romantic dinner. We value your privacy the most, which is why we present you with 10 private dining rooms for intimate gatherings. Every room has a different seating capacity for small and big groups. 

Make Every Moment Memorable With Grand Old House

Are you ready to relive the era of the 90s? Hop to Grand Old House on 21st April, Friday. We are located at 648, South church street, Grand Cayman Islands. You can also reserve the table by calling us at +1 345 949 9333. For more information or inquiries, drop us an email at