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Seafood- The Healthier Diet Option

Seafood- The Healthier Diet Option
18 Aug 2017

Do you love seafood?  If yes, the Cayman Islands is definitely for you.  The warmth not just of the climate but of people as well will make you feel great.

Do you know it is healthier to consume sea food compared to the meat? And if you can eat seafood in the Cayman Islands, it is going to be healthier because of the great climate. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart. They even reduce inflammation and seafood has plenty of these fatty acids.

Shrimps have only 84 calories, 1 g fat and a good 18 g lean protein in 7 ounces. And the mouthwatering varieties you get of dishes containing shrimp are enormous. Shrimps are an essential part of Caribbean food. Consider Seafood curry, shrimps   are the main ingredients in that. And what can be better than washing your mouth after taking some shrimps  with some fine wine?  Wine dating back to the nineteenth century?

Lobsters are unarguably the best seafood around. Lobster salad prepared in Cayman style not only looks & tastes good but is also a very healthy. With 115 calories, 1 g fat and 24 g protein per 7 ounces, lobsters have a nutritional value par excellence. And a lot of equally good ingredients are added to it. Mango, peppers, scallions, avocado, local tomato, fennel and more to make it taste even better than its health value. Soups prepared from some fine lobsters, select oysters, and salmon can make your day special.

The wine has an inevitable association with sea food. And seafood is not complete without some good Cayman wine. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, you will surely witness a lot of new tastes. It will compliment your seafood choice perfectly well.

And the location in the Cayman Island is equally important to enjoy your food and wine. You will definitely love the company of sea with some of the finest Caribbean food and some of the best wines on this planet.

Shrimps are the essential part of Caribbean cuisine

Shrimps are the essential part of Caribbean cuisine

So have fun at one of the most serene places in the world, the Cayman Islands. And at one of the best locations in the Cayman Islands, the waterfront.  Have one of the finest Waterfront dining in the Cayman Islands at the best waterfront restaurant in the Cayman Islands.  If you drink,  have some finest Cayman wine. So whenever you will remember good food and fine wine, you will remember the Cayman Islands.