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The Cabana On The Rocks - Exclusive Dining Experience in Cayman

The Cabana On The Rocks - Exclusive Dining Experience in Cayman
23 Aug 2022

Are you planning to propose to the man or woman of your dreams? Or do you want to celebrate a milestone in your relationship? 

If you are wondering about the best ways to make your beloved feel special, then you are at the right place.

Great food, drink, and ambiance double the jest of a celebration. The Caribbean fine dining scene provides the guests with an elevated experience. Since the Caribbean is a melting pot of various cultures, the influence and diversity are reflected in the flavors. 

You will find fantastic restaurants serving the best food in the Cayman Islands. Extraordinary dining and oceanfront eateries present you with a gastronomical roller coaster! Cayman is rightly called the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean."  Restaurants here specialize in modern Italian cuisine, rich seafood spreads, delectable Mediterranean cuisine, and hearty farm-to-table menus.

Exclusive Dining Experience

What a truly magical place the Cayman Islands is! Rekindle the romantic sparks with views that soothe your soul, pristine beaches, and sunsets that you never can get enough of.  

You and your partner experience gorgeous sunsets and waterfront views while sipping your favorite drinks and eating incredible food!

Whether for holidaying or living, Cayman will never cease to amaze you!

Romantic Dining Scenes in the Cayman Islands

To indulge in a truly romantic and exclusive dining experience, we present to you the unique ‘Cabana on the rocks’ by Grand Old House.

The beach, moonlit evenings, and sand have long been the epitome of romance and add to that the appeal of a classic Caribbean plantation mansion over a century old - now beautifully embodying the modern Cayman Islands fine dining.

Making your partner feel extra special requires extra effort. Grand Old House will organize a private beach cabana to mark it as a memorable evening. A beautiful setting overlooking gorgeous skies and horizon just for the two of you.

This romantic setup comprises white, gauzy drapes with rose petals scattered pathways. Fairy lights, antique lamps, and candles illuminate the space. 

Along with the elegant setting, we offer a delicious and fresh seafood menu. You can order dishes like pan-roasted lobster, baked Atlantic salmon, or fresh local wahoo wrapped in applewood bacon. Alternatively, you can try land-based dishes such as a rack of lamb, filet mignon, chateaubriand, or a farm goat curry, a Cayman Islands speciality.

A romantic dinner is not complete without a flattering wine. We house an award-winning wine collection, suiting every occasion, taste, and palate. From the wineries of Spain to Austria, Argentina, the USA, and Italy, there are over 3000 wines to choose from.

A night to remember surely and lots of picture-perfect moments. Moreover, a brilliantly planned cabana dinner is an excellent way to deepen your relationship.

This is not it; Grand Old House will completely customize the experience to suit your preferences. Your wish is our command.

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