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The ecstatic view combined with delectable food is divine!

The ecstatic view combined with delectable food is divine!
19 Sep 2018

Waterfront restaurants in the Grand Cayman give you a chance to spend quality time with your family while enjoying the glorious view and toothsome delicacies. Among the many options to dine in the Cayman Islands, Grand Old House offers you the opportunity of fine waterfront dining under the open sky, on the deck or indoors while enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea in a controlled and air-conditioned environment.

Established in 1908, the Grand Old House allows you to visit the Cayman Islands’ history while your contemporary needs for food and ambiance are met. A perfect dining experience can be assessed with a few aspects. These include the ambiance, staff professionalism, environment and the food served at the restaurant. Skimming through the decades, the trends have changed, but nothing has been able to replace the preference for Waterfront dining in the Cayman Islands. The azure water and pristine sunset can relieve anyone after a tiring day. Order seafood, meat or veg meals – it's entirely up to you! The Cayman Islands is known to serve heavenly dishes under all these options.

When in the Cayman Islands, dine like a Caymanian

Order lobsters, blackfin tuna, veg pasta, chicken, shrimp or beef – Grand Old House is deemed to tantalize your taste buds with its mouthwatering meals. Our team of culinary experts has devised a well-thought menu to do justice on the waterfront. Entertaining food lovers for lunch and dinner, we offer you the perfect music, lighting and the Cayman Islands wine to make this affair near the sea a memorable one. We have a cautiously chosen wine collection in our wine cellar to suit your taste.

“Why not celebrate by the sea with your favorite wine?”

Sipping wine by the glass or ordering a bottle – you decide. Our wine collection has the vintages from Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, and the Rhone Valley.  Find the perfect blend of sweet and lustful cocktails and vintage Armagnacs at Grand Old house exclusively. The heritage that Grand Old House offers will allow you to be mesmerized by its beauty, eat lavishly and spend the perfect private time. Grand Old House offers cocktails, wine, liquor and after dinner drinks. We also provide hand rolled cigars to acknowledge your love for the finer things in life. With fresh and soothing atmosphere, we only use fresh ingredients to achieve the ideal aromatic blend.

When dining by the sea, don't forget to order a delightful dessert as a finishing touch to make this dinner date perfect. Bring your love and your kids along; we have a separate menu for your children. Enjoy with your friends, family, or hold a corporate or social gathering – a waterfront location will be your best deal. You may check out our menu to plan the perfect evening for you and your family. Allow us to be your host tonight!