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The Legend Returns: The 2020 Grand Old House Christmas Brunch

The Legend Returns: The 2020 Grand Old House Christmas Brunch
29 Sep 2020

Christmas is fast approaching, and despite the unprecedented troubles we’ve all experienced this year, the 2020 annual Christmas Brunch at Grand Old House promises to be as spectacular as ever.

Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

With 2020 being such a devastating year for so many people in the Cayman Islands and across the world, a little bit of cheer is what we all need in this time of lockdowns, social distancing, and travel restrictions. Now is the perfect time to start looking forward to something positive and joyful – the Grand Old House Annual Christmas Brunch on, naturally, December 25th.

Brunch is a rare occasion at Grand Old House, which is an unusual policy for one of the finest and most popular restaurants in the Cayman Islands. Where others choose to hold a weekly, or even daily, brunch special menu, Grand Old House decided long ago to reserve brunch events to very special occasions only – just Easter and Christmas. Unfortunately, with a pandemic to cope with, the 2020 Easter event couldn’t be held. But the good news is that Grand Old House’s Christmas Brunch is definitely on, and the bookings are already coming in.

This South Sound former plantation house, built more than 100 years ago, with its panoramic waterfront terrace and colonial-style indoor dining, has been a Grand Cayman favorite with locals and visitors alike since 1969. With beautifully preserved interiors and new additions, including a massive 5,000 square foot oceanfront deck, diners can enjoy the spectacular Caribbean Sea view with the finest food and wine the Cayman Islands has to offer.

As a place to eat on Christmas Day, Grand Old House is unbeatable. Our chefs’ food stations will offer the chance to explore your Grand Old House favorites as well as discover new ones. Favorites on our Cayman Christmas Brunch menu will include our legendary Seafood Boat and hand-rolled sushi and sashimi. And, of course, our delicious home-baked breads.

Live cooking stations will be busy preparing fresh pasta exactly how you want it, or maybe you’d prefer to sample our chefs’ range of egg specialties, cooked to perfection in front of you. Carvery stations will serve the finest, juiciest cuts for meat lovers, while vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diners will be well served with special highlights as well as our regular favorite meat-free curries, pastas, and the freshest salads.

As it’s Christmas, there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty when it comes to the dessert choices. There will be plenty of moist, delicious cakes to choose from – chocolate, vanilla, fruit, as well as tarts and cupcakes – and other sweet sensations dreamed up by our chefs that are guaranteed to have you going back for more. Accompany this decadence with one of our more than 20 dessert wines from Italy, France, and California.

Speaking of wines, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an indulgent tour through the Grand Old House’s huge and beautifully curated award-winning collection of over 2,400 fine wines from some of the best and most respected vineyards in the world. And surely there’s no better way to relax at the end of a gourmet Christmas meal than with a fine digestif – especially when there’s absolutely no cleaning up to do afterward.

Indoors or outdoors, you can choose your seating preferences when booking. Grand Old House has limited indoor air-conditioned seating in relaxed surroundings or unlimited outdoor shaded seating that makes the most of our unbeatable view over the Caribbean Sea. Waterfront fine dining doesn’t get any better in the Cayman Islands.

This legendary Brunch is held from 11:00 am-2:30 pm on Christmas Day and is always booked up well in advance, so be sure to secure your table as early as possible. The price is just CI$69.95 per adult (CI$86.95 with bubbly) and CI$34.95 for kids age 4-12. Call 949-9333 or email