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Uncover The Premier Wine Tasting Methods in Cayman

Uncover The Premier Wine Tasting Methods in Cayman
30 Aug 2022

It’s a famous french saying; life is too short to drink bad wine, and we cannot agree more! For wine enthusiasts, the experience of tasting wine or figuring out its flavors itself is like a splendid celebration. You might find this fascinating - even though wines are made up of grapes, they taste different. It is because the grapes used in wines vary from the table grapes. The former is grown to develop raisins by drying or creating wine, while the latter is intended to be consumed while fresh. 

Table grapes are larger in size, have thicker pulp, and don’t have seeds, while wine grapes are smaller, sweeter, and full of seeds. Wine is people’s favorite drink for different reasons; one is because it’s a natural product, and secondly, it comes in varied flavors. 

As you know, the premier wines in Cayman are generally categorized as red and white wines. Some popular white wines are Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc. The best red wine grape varieties are Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet, and Merlot. 

With an outstanding collection of more than 3000 fine wines, Grand Old House is one of the best Grand Cayman restaurants sourcing a selection of vintages from California, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Rhone Valley. 

In this write-up, we will uncover different types of wine tastings. Let’s get started!

1. Vertical Wine Tasting

A vertical wine tasting allows wine enthusiasts to explore the difference between vintages and learn more about the factors that cause these variations. You can also get insights on how weather can affect grapes and understand winery composition and styles. The more you explore vertical tastings, the better you’ll understand the types of wine. 

Wines can significantly change their taste and aroma depending on their development years. These changes are considered as vintage variations. Vineyards located in extreme climates experience more variation between vintages. Poor weather conditions during the development season can have a catastrophic effect on the quality of wine produced.

2. Horizontal Wine Tasting

A horizontal tasting focuses on wines developed in the same year. This method is used to compare different wineries. You can employ horizontal tasting of five to ten red wines produced in 2005 by different wineries. This may help you determine which red wine you like.

3. Blind Wine Tasting

It is one of the most challenging yet rewarding processes for a wine enthusiast. Often misunderstood, blind tasting doesn’t mean tasting wine without seeing it but tasting wine without prior knowledge of its vintage, grape varieties, or any evidence other than alcohol residing in a liquid form. However, the next step is to connect the sensory clues to the wine’s origins, experience, and memory. To connect the clues of which wine you’re tasting, where it belongs, and how it is prepared, one must know the storyline of the development of that particular wine.


Do you use any of these wine-tasting techniques? If not, you must give it a chance. These three wine-tasting methods are not just for professionals; anyone can enhance their wine-tasting experience.

All wine events are open to Grand Old House’s Wine Club members and non-members alike. Call us at +1 345-949-9333 to make your reservation today, or email