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Unforgettable Private Dining In The Cayman Islands

Unforgettable Private Dining In The Cayman Islands
05 Dec 2022

Whether you’re hosting a corporate get-together, your child’s birthday party, or want to relive old memories with your partner, the team at Grand Old House has you covered.

This picturesque Grand Cayman restaurant adopts a laid-back yet lively spirit of island life, carrying you to a different dimension of locally inspired flavors and a maze of award-winning wines.

In our commitment to deliver undiluted & authentic experiences, we present to you notable private dining in the Cayman Islands with a view of Caribbean waters in their full glory.

We offer a delicious fresh daily local catch. Enjoy baked Atlantic salmon, bacon wrapped wahoo or flaky red snapper, chateaubriand, and a farm goat curry.

Our delectable menu includes varieties of pastries, home-baked bread, and exotic salads. Vegans and vegetarians can also satiate their taste buds with mouth-watering delicacies. Lastly, if you are a dessert lover, immerse yourself in sweet and fluffy cakes & pastries, banana sticky toffee pudding, and soul-soothing blueberry panna cotta.

Unforgettable Private Dining In The Cayman Islands

Cherish the Splendid Private Dining Rooms of Our Restaurant

  1. Melchior RoomThis phenomenal room is our latest add-on to our Private dining room, accommodating 14 people.
  2. Sassicaia Room - A great setup for a family dinner that seats up to 8 people.
  3. Jeroboam Room - What if you could dine among all your favorite wines? This room is for wine lovers who prefer an enticing setting.
  4. Balthazar Room - Did you know a Balthazar bottle contains 12 liters of sparkling wine? Coincidentally this table seats up to 12 guests!
  5. Wine Room - An award-winning wine collection accommodating 10 people.
  6. Grand Cabana Room - Your mesmerizing cabana reservation includes an exclusive setup of rose petals strewn along the path, fairy lights, candles, and live music. A perfect backdrop where you can propose to the love of your life.
  7. Plantation Room - This enclosed Gazebo with a dazzling view of the Caribbean can seat up to 24 people.
  8. Colonial Room - A room that resonates with its name—embedding English-inspired decor with vintage oil paintings. Soak in the ‘English’ vibe, and don’t forget to click aesthetically pleasing photos.
  9. Gazebo Room - If you are planning a private anniversary party with your close friends, this is the perfect setting.

In addition to these lovely rooms, our plantation-style house and waterfront terrace can accommodate 500 people.

Seeing you and your family relishing food and having a great time at our restaurant fills our hearts with happiness.

Since Christmas is around the corner,  book a table to enjoy the world of flavors on your plate! Call +1 345 949 9333 or email