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Wedding Cake - For a Royal Affair in the Cayman Islands

Wedding Cake - For a Royal Affair in the Cayman Islands
30 Oct 2017

Planning a dream wedding in the Cayman Islands and weaving it to the perfection is where you will locate every ounce of effort of the bride and the groom, before the approaching days of wedding. You will find them or their trusted ones, keeping a strong vigil on all the intricate details that will possibly attract the gazes of the guests. While every decoration and cuisine to be served can be taken care of by the closed ones, there remains one thing of sheer importance that demands the undivided attention of the bride and the groom, which is - ‘the Wedding Cake’.

The wedding cake has gradually evolved as the cynosure of the whole event with the variety of designs carved on it, each of which has a different story to reveal. Unlike before, it has become an altogether different entity today, that adds elegance in the event and is also considered as one of the defining parameters of the couple’s status. Believe it or not, it reflects your style and taste on your guests. And this is why it is important for the couple to pay special attention while choosing the cake.

Celebrate the Sacred Tradition with Extraordinary Cake

Cutting the cake on the wedding day is a widely cherished ritual all over the world. But did you ever wonder the reason behind this widely flourished tradition? Well, there are several ethnic traditions which helped in framing this ritual. Of which, the one that is believed to be the first dates back to the Pre-18th century that began in Ancient Rome. In this, the groom is supposed to break the bread over the bride’s head (as there existed no cake in the ancient time) to bring the good fortune to the couple, and hence was followed in every wedding. Although celebrated differently, this was the motive in almost every tradition for cutting the cake.

The popularity of this tradition only increased throughout the world, with the passing time. And the beauty of the cake became equivalent to the royalty of the wedding, be it a Cayman wedding or any other destination wedding. Hence, with the perfect venue and ideal location, the other thing to focus your attention on is selecting the cake that will make your wedding the talk of the town. One of the perks of marrying in the Cayman Islands is that you can easily hire the services of experts to get things done faster and in a magnificent way. You can get the cake customized and designed exactly the way you want, without compromising on its taste.

While many go on without holding this coveted ‘Cutting-the-cake’ ceremony, make sure you do not miss out on this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of opportunity. Because holding a cruise ship wedding and saying your vows is not something that happens every day. So, go on and choose the perfect wine for your wedding ceremony along with the designer cake that will leave an imprint on your guests and engrave an unforgettable memory in your soul.