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Wedding on the Waves: A Dreamy Cruise Ship Wedding in Cayman

Wedding on the Waves: A Dreamy Cruise Ship Wedding in Cayman
18 Jan 2018

Ever disregarded the idea of hosting a cookie cutter wedding and set your heart on planning something unique that would help you build plethora of memories? Go for a splendid out-of-the-box escape - a Cruise Ship Wedding. This would give you a chance to add a twist of adventure and make your big day more special.

Now, that this idea struck the chord, you might be busily stressing over the nitty-gritty including whys and whats of the wedding, which is justified as cruise ship weddings demand meticulous planning. Let us help you allay your worries. Our most experienced Cruise Ship Wedding Specialists will relieve you from managing everything single-handed.

You being the protagonist of this ceremony, should entirely pay attention to yourself and leave the rest of it to our team of professionals. From deciding the perfect Cayman catering to elegant wine, the wedding planner will give it all to make sure your wedding day is executed just the way you dreamed of it.

Cruise Ship Wedding - Yes or Yes?

Cruise ship weddings often held at the port prior to beginning your voyage or at an exotic location by mapping your route, accordingly. Either way, it offers you the liberty to keep your wedding a private affair or proclaim it to your guests by arranging a magnificent ceremony celebrating your togetherness.

Cruise Ship Wedding in the Cayman Islands

Cruise Ship Wedding in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands’ tropical climate and alluring views, make it an ideal destination to exchange vows and embark on your new journey together. What can be better than the awe-inspiring beach lending itself to the beauty of your wedding ceremony, the colliding water playing its exclusive music in the background for the couple to dance and the scenic set-up to enjoy your diner? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is all very much real with Cayman weddings.

Nuptial Ceremony at a Beach or a Banquet?

Like your love story, your wedding should be unique too. Every couple has a vivid virtual  vision of how and where their wedding ceremony should become reality. Some choose the beach while others go for a banquet hall. Understanding these unique needs of a bride and groom, we offer a premier Cayman Islands wedding venue, be it a pristine white sandy beach, or a royal, elegant banquet hall. We bring your vision to life.

The Cayman Islands is the hub of outstanding gustatory delights and incredible wedding decor, it is a perfect destination to pause and say “I do”. Enjoy the ultimate experience at a premier location - Grand Old House, accompanied by an idyllic waterfront fine dining experience and exquisite Cayman wine, while viewing the varying shades of the blue  Caribbean Sea as night falls. After this marvellous experience, bid goodbye to your guests and continue your cruise.

From a beautiful sea voyage to a pristine destination wedding in the Cayman Islands, cruise ship weddings are way above perfection. Are you ready to set sail?