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Where in the Cayman Islands can I enjoy an intimate meal with my partner?

Where in the Cayman Islands can I enjoy an intimate meal with my partner?
17 Mar 2017

It’s not for nothing that the Cayman Islands are known as one of the most romantic places in the world. With sun-kissed beaches that are ideal for strolling couples and amazingly blue seas where you and your partner can enjoy a refreshing swim, the islands offer a secluded getaway that can enhance the zing in any relationship.

After enjoying the beach and the sea, you will be looking forward to closing the evening with an equally romantic and intimate fine dining experience. And there’s nothing better than enjoying the view from a waterfront restaurant with your significant other even as the two of you share a cozy Cayman Islands spread.

The Cayman Islands offer varied cuisine, influenced by traditional Caribbean fare with a dash of British flavor – the result of our Colonial history. Add to that the effect of the food of the diverse nationalities that make the Cayman Islands home, and you and your partner are sure to savor a feast of fusion food.

Being a seafaring people, seafood – turtle, fish, lobster, and the like – dominate the plate. Add to that yam, cassava, some chicken, coconut, pepper, and beans. Finish your meal with something sweet, a cassava cake, perhaps. Or some fruitcake. And wash it all down with some wine.
It’s traditional fare that keeps going strong.

The Grand Old House is another great tradition of the Cayman Islands. A former plantation house set up in 1908, the Grand Old House offers a fine dining experience right on an awe-inspiring waterfront which offers spectacular views of the setting sun. With live music that you can dance to, and flavorful food, you can take pleasure in a complete dining experience in Grand Cayman. Our cuisine is traditional, yet with a modern twist, which all palates will savor.

Don't miss - Waterfront Dining Experience at Grand Old House, Cayman Islands

Don’t miss - Waterfront Dining Experience at Grand Old House, Cayman Islands

With our highly trained chefs whipping up a memorable feast, your partner and you can enjoy the occasion in the main restaurant or in one of our private dining rooms. We host anniversary dinners and weddings, both simple and grand, intimate dinners for two or a tasteful party for family and friends – and we promise one thing. You will enjoy an unforgettable meal with sumptuous food in an unbeatable surrounding.

How can we forget to mention the exquisite wines that we keep in our stock from all over the world!

We have a variety of dining rooms availability to suit the occasion and your preferences, from the modern to the historic. We will make sure that your evening with your partner will be one grand and intimate Cayman dining occasion to remember!