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Why Mushroom Ravioli is a Favourite Dish of Many in the Cayman Islands

Why Mushroom Ravioli is a Favourite Dish of Many in the Cayman Islands
23 May 2018

"Why is your Mushroom Ravioli the favorite dish of many in the Cayman Islands?"

That is a question the managers and staff at Grand Old House have been asked quite a few times.

They believe it is because their chefs use the most authentic and the freshest Italian ingredients, starting with handmade pasta. Adding to their guests’ experience is the pleasure of enjoying a meal in the ambience of a waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman.

To learn more about Caribbean fine dining with international flair, we sat down with Luciano De Riso, head of operations and a certified sommelier at Grand Old House.

Q - Why ravioli?

A - Well, the reason is quite simple. Ravioli is delicious. To even imagine a thin casing of 'al dente' pasta, filled with appetizing goodness and tossed in a mix of herbs, cheese and butter, is sensational, to say the least.

Q - What makes your portion of ravioli so special?

A - To begin with, the ravioli that we serve is handmade, so it is fresh and perfectly thin. The other speciality that we are quite proud of is the quality of our filling. The ingredients are sourced locally, ensuring a thorough freshness that you can taste in every mouthful. Our team strives hard to deliver quite an experience. Imagine savouring a soft, cloudlike pasta with a rich, flavoursome filling, in an ambience that allows you to enjoy your food in the company of nature.

Q - What is your favourite?

A - It is quite difficult to pinpoint to a serving amongst the others because we have put in a lot of thought and effort behind everything that you see on the menu. But when it comes to our patrons, we have noticed that our Mushroom Ravioli has become a favourite of many in the Cayman Islands. And the reason for the same is not a surprise, for the plate of ravioli is deliciously hot, made with cognac, mushroom, garlic, sage, truffle oil and asiago cheese. The aim was to make our guests delve into the rich flavours subdued with the finely cooked mushroom ravioli, and it is indeed everything that we hoped for and more.

There is something instantly reassuring and comforting when we observe our guests enjoying a plate of our Mushroom Ravioli time and again.

If you still haven't tried it, we welcome you to our restaurant in Grand Cayman for a dish you will long remember. Enjoy fine dining in Cayman in elegant surroundings featuring a panoramic waterfront view, impeccable service and sophisticated island charm.