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A Special Wedding Meal is a Must for Your Wedding Day in the Cayman Islands

A Special Wedding Meal is a Must for Your Wedding Day in the Cayman Islands
02 Nov 2018

The wedding meal you enjoy and treat your guests to is really the icing on the cake on this most special day!

Of course, you have spent many hours selecting what you and your attendants will wear, what kind of cake you will have, your guest list and your destination and accommodations. The meal after the ceremony should match your expectations for your perfect wedding day. It will be the time when friends and family sit, relax, offer toasts and enjoy conversation and visits to the table from the bride and groom. This is not the time to skimp on any detail, which is where a wedding planner can be a huge help!

Waterfront fine dining

If you are planning a destination wedding (hint, hint!), consider a Cayman Islands wedding and enhance the theme by including waterfront fine dining. At Grand Old House, one of the top restaurants in the Cayman Islands, we feature the freshest products and ingredients to ensure you and your guests have a memorable experience.  In addition to fresh fish and seafood, specialty cuts of beef and lamb, as well as chicken and pork dishes, we can accommodate vegan and vegetarian requests. Our expert chefs can prepare a menu for your special occasion, whether your guests number 20 or 200 or more. You can choose from a customised set menu, buffet menu or plated menu. Add canapés and bar selections, or pair the dinner menu with selections from our award-winning wine collection. We also have an extensive list of before- and after-dinner drinks.

Cruise ship wedding or beach wedding

Whether yours is a Cruise ship wedding or a beach wedding, our wedding planner can steer you to exquisite meal options for the occasion. For example, choose a local tuna appetizer with pickled gherkin, micro greens, tempura crisps, truffle oil and quail egg, topped with sesame drizzle. Then move on to a delectable main course of pan-roasted lobster, pan-fried duck, fresh local wahoo or an elegant filet mignon. Your guests will remember your dinner as one of the most expertly prepared and beautifully presented meals of a lifetime, enjoyed in one of the most stunning locations in the Cayman Islands.

At Grand Old House, we offer waterfront fine dining to suit Cayman Islands weddings of all sizes. Our wedding planner and our staff will ensure that all details are attended to, down to the placement of napkins and name cards. We take the worry out of what to serve, where to sit, how to ensure a fine dining experience for all family and friends, and what to do (on the off chance!) of inclement weather. We have five private and air-conditioned dining rooms in our handsome former plantation house, dating to 1908, and we can assure all guests of a magical evening of magnificent food as you celebrate your marriage.

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