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An Extraordinary Alfresco Experience

An Extraordinary Alfresco Experience
03 Jul 2020

For the perfect alfresco dining experience it’s hard to beat Grand Old House, the doyenne of Grand Cayman waterfront restaurants.

What is it about eating outdoors that fires the imagination and the taste buds? Why does food taste better? How does a glass of wine taste more alive, more vibrant and exciting, at an outdoor table in a gentle breeze under the Caribbean sun?

Eating alfresco sharpens the palate, it livens up the olfactory system, it reminds us of what we are missing when we eat indoors in climate-controlled isolation from nature.

All of which leads us to the perfect Cayman Islands alfresco dining experience. There are many contenders, but it’s hard to beat Grand Old House, the doyenne of Grand Cayman waterfront eateries and one of the best restaurants with outdoor seating in the entire Caribbean.

Since 1908 this former plantation mansion in South Sound has commanded one of the best ocean views in the Cayman Islands, enjoying picturesque sunsets over the Caribbean Sea from its beachfront location.

Its panoramic waterfront veranda offers the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner. The gentle tropical breezes, the sound of waves gently lapping the shore and the sheer enjoyment of dining outside in the fresh Caribbean air are the perfect accompaniment to the impeccable service and spectacular menu.

Grand Old House’s waterfront deck can hold 400 comfortably for a big event such as a wedding or corporate celebration. As Grand Cayman’s best restaurant with outdoor seating it can also offer an oasis of privacy, even on a busy day, for intimate lunches and dinners, with generous spacing between tables and plenty of options for seating.

Famed for its fusion of international and Caribbean styles and flavours, Grand Old House works hard to secure the freshest local fish and farm produce, whatever is being caught or farmed today. Menu items are quickly adapted or changed depending on today’s harvest.

This has been the way since 1969, when the former Petra Plantation mansion was turned into a restaurant and Grand Old House was born, along with a reputation for gourmet eating accompanied by one of the most beautiful ocean views in the Cayman Islands.

From an intimate dinner for two to a family gathering, to a large corporate event, Grand Old House offers an unforgettable experience with historic colonial charm, exquisite food and an extensive wine list to accompany the unbeatable view from a table at one of the finest restaurants in the Cayman Islands.

What if the weather is uncooperative? Or you’d just prefer a little air-conditioned comfort? Grand Old House is among the best restaurants with outdoor seating, but it also provides ample alternatives, with fine colonial-style private rooms for indoor dining.

And then there’s Grand Old House’s wine room, which holds a truly remarkable and award-winning collection of over 1,500 wines, meaning there’s always a perfect accompaniment to your meal – whether it's indoors or under the sun or stars.

A brilliant wine cellar, hand-rolled Cuban cigars, live music just about every night, a menu that reflects the best of today’s catch and the freshest local farm ingredients … these are all valid reasons to place Grand Old House at the top of any list of world-beating Caribbean dining experiences.

But it’s the outdoor dining, the quality of the service, the best food in the Cayman Islands and the glorious setting, steeped in history, that impresses and keeps locals and visitors coming back for more.

Grand Old House is open for lunch Monday to Friday 11:30am to 2:30pm. Open for dinner every evening 5pm to 10pm. Reservations are strongly recommended.