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Enjoy Exclusive Wine Tastings in Cayman

Enjoy Exclusive Wine Tastings in Cayman
14 Mar 2018

Wine lovers, it’s time to get ready for two special wine-tasting events. If becoming more knowledgeable about wine has been on your bucket list, these are the events for you. One of the premier restaurants in Grand Cayman - Grand Old House - brings you two more exceptional events this month, featuring our premium wine collection.

Wine Tasting at Grand Old House

Taking part in wine tastings at Grand Old House will not only help you learn about wines and vintners, but will also lead you to discover new wines that you may not find in local shops. Grand Old House is known for offering fine wines during its tasting sessions, and the restaurant itself has more than 800 selections with some 15,000 bottles from around the world.

As for the wine tastings at Grand Old House, we classify them by region. This month we are featuring wines from Spain (March 14) and Tuscany (March 21). These events are open to our wine club members and non-members alike.

Tips for Wine Tasting

  • Avoid Wearing Cologne or Perfume

We often smell wine before tasting, which helps us to better understand the taste. The perfume you apply may interfere with your ability to smell and thus affect your wine-tasting experience.

  • Eat Canapes

It is important to cleanse your palate between wine tastings. Eat crackers or bread, perhaps with cheese or fruit. At our restaurant in Grand Cayman, you will be served canapes during the wine tastings.

  •  Ask Questions

Have a question about wine varieties or don’t understand certain terminology? Feel free to ask. Our sommeliers will be glad to help you understand and answer all of your questions.

  • Powers of Observation

Don’t be in a hurry to drink! Pick up the glass of wine, swirl it, observe the colour, and before sipping, peer inside the glass, take a breath and take in the aroma.

  • Take at Least Two Sips

Before moving on to another wine, make sure you taste the one in your hand at least twice. Give yourself a chance to get to know the wine slowly and thoughtfully, building on your first impression.

Taste Award-Winning Wines at Grand Old House

Taste Award-Winning Wines at Grand Old House

What to Expect at Our Wine Tastings

Our meticulously assembled wine collection offers a great experience for everyone, whether you are new to wines or an experienced connoisseur. You will get to experience some of the great Tuscan and Spanish wines at our wine tastings this month. The list of Spanish wines includes 2005 Bodegas Numanthia Termes, 2007 Bodegas El Nido Clio, and 1995 Bodegas Fernandez Gran Reserva Tinto Pesquera. The 1997 Tuscan wines include Caparzo Brunello, Riserva; Fattoria Le Pupille, Saffredi, and Castello Dei Rampolla, Sammarco.

There is limited seating for these events, so, please reserve early.