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Harpist Extraordinaire - Offering a Musical Touch to Your Dining

Harpist Extraordinaire - Offering a Musical Touch to Your Dining
14 Oct 2019

Enjoy a romantic dinner and colonial charm under the stars at Grand Old House with “Harpist Extraordinaire” Eugenio Leon.

Paraguayan native Eugenio Leon is a Cayman Islands institution that has set the musical mood for diners at fancy restaurants and private parties for decades. He recently started a new season as a resident harpist at the famous Grand Old House restaurant, providing an evocative and romantic soundscape that harmonizes perfectly with the outdoor setting, the sea, and stars.

The former colonial plantation residence, built-in 1908, has been a favorite waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman for locals and visitors alike for more than 50 years. With beautifully preserved interiors and new additions, including a massive 5,000 square foot oceanfront deck, diners looking for a romantic night out can enjoy the spectacular Caribbean sunset with the finest food and wine the Cayman Islands has to offer – all with a beautiful, mood-enhancing musical accompaniment.

Eugenio has performed on the Paraguayan harp since the age of eight and is an acknowledged master of this versatile instrument that, unusually, is well adapted to the rhythms and sounds of both the contemporary and the classical.

From this, and a love of performing, Eugenio developed the passionate and free-spirited style which is characteristic of the music he creates today. Eugenio’s enthralling performances have resulted in a number of successful recordings and invitations for him to perform all over the world.

Since his 1990 debut at The Wharf Restaurant in Grand Cayman, Eugenio has never looked back and 40 years later he’s become an institution, in great demand for weddings and other events in the Cayman Islands.

You really haven’t appreciated the versatility of Eugenio and his Paraguayan harp until you’ve amazed at his ability to perform elegant classical music alongside upbeat modern compositions such as La Bamba and the Macarena while fine dining in the Cayman Islands. He’s unlike any harpist you’ve ever seen.

Two nights a week Eugenio sets the mood while diners enjoy the best dinner in Grand Cayman as Grand Old House’s award-winning chefs expertly prepare Caribbean-international classics using the freshest local ingredients. There are always daily specials making the most of whatever the fishermen and local farmers have brought in that day.

Come for the imaginative and world-class menu, award-winning wine list, impeccable service, and sophisticated island charm. Stay for the food, the setting, the sunset and, of course, the musical stylings of Eugenio Leon.

Grand Old House is open weekdays (except public holidays) for lunch and every evening for dinner. Eugenio serenades tables all night long accompanying the best food in the Cayman Islands on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6 pm.

Hours: Lunch Monday-Friday 11.30-2.30pm, Dinner 5.30 pm-10 pm (closed for lunch on Public Holidays). Book in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly at weekends, as Grand Old House is one of the most sought-after wedding venues and restaurants in the Cayman Islands.