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How Cayman Islands' Cuisine Plays a Vital Role in Caribbean Culture?

How Cayman Islands' Cuisine Plays a Vital Role in Caribbean Culture?
28 Jan 2017

The Cayman Islands, with serene environment, makes it as one of the foremost popular Caribbean destination. With food as colourful as the Island itself, the Cayman Islands surpass amongst the rest of the Caribbean when it comes to the culinary scene. Blending and mixing spices, seafood and fresh bounty to create unique and flavoursome dishes, trying the food in Cayman is a reason enough to visit. The Cayman Islands may be relatively small but the choice of restaurants and the Cayman catering being offered is enormous.

Every year, there is a rise in the number of tourists and expats here in the Cayman Islands. This has contributed a lot on the Cayman Islands cuisine and has also played a major role in adding flavours to the Caribbean cuisine.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in 15th century, the Spaniards introduced coconut, onions garlic and much more to the cuisine. The Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, British, French and other natives from other nations brought their culinary specialities and thus Caribbean cuisine is a mixture of American, East Indian, African, European and Chinese cuisine amongst others. The locals in the Cayman Islands have made local and Caribbean recipes and cuisine more tasty by adding different flavours from their cultures.

Some of the food introduced by them were rice and coffee amongst others. Some of the other notable recipes introduced are mangoes, oranges and lime.

Whether you feel like eating truffles and prosciutto, a heaping plate of oxtail stew with fried beans or a vegetarian feast of aubergine ratatouille, kalamata olives, pine nuts and polenta chips, Cayman chefs would always offer something tempting for almost any taste. Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Cuban, Jamaican, pan-Asian, Colombian and Indian are just some of the flavours available among Cayman fine dine choices.

Any delicious recipe that you make with conch, coconut, plantain, cassava, yam, rice and peas, tuna, snapper, mangoes and mahi, is being prepared in the Cayman Islands. Food in the Cayman Islands includes the tinge of Caribbean dining flavours.

Oxtail Stew with Fried Beans and Rice

Oxtail Stew with Fried Beans and Rice

Another recent dish that has been added to the Cayman Islands cuisine and is unique to the Cayman Islands is “Tree Chicken”, which is cooked Green Iguana. Green iguanas are a staple on menus in parts of Central America but are now being explored as a part of the offerings in restaurants in the Cayman Islands. In Grand Cayman, they are more commonly known as roadkill. And the best part is, experts claim they taste like tangy Calamari!

The food prepared and served in Cayman is a splendid amalgamation of numerous culinary influences including Caribbean culture. The effects of colonial rituals are prominent the food served. Try some of the fresh fish dishes, like tuna, which is popular amongst the Cayman recipes.

Many of the fish dishes, like tuna or some other popular types of fish like Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, or a Snapper, they are often prepared simply using onions, tomato, and pepper. Turtle meat is also very famous in the Cayman Islands.

Mahi-Mahi, A Popular Caribbean Food in Cayman Islands

Mahi-Mahi, A Popular Caribbean Food in Cayman Islands

If you want to enjoy the food along with comfortable ambience, then a waterfront fine dine restaurant would be the best option. The denizens here also prepare indigenous Caribbean food which has formed the part and parcel of Cayman cuisine. Another popular food on the Islands is conch, which can be marinated or served in stews and chowders, a typical Caribbean food.

The bottom line is that the Caribbean culture is the heart and soul of the Cayman Islands’ cuisine. If you are a Caribbean cuisine enthusiast, then you will definitely enjoy what this gastronomical paradise has to offer.